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What to Bring to the Carlton Hotel South Beach

Carlton Hotel South BeachThe Carlton Hotel South Beach is proud of its central location. With easy access to all of the fun and attractions that Miami has to offer, and within a stones throw of the Atlantic Ocean, many of our guests often find themselves unprepared for the wide variety of activities available to them. We have created this page to help you be better prepared.

First, weather: Miami, Florida enjoys a nice tropical climate. Because of this you should be prepared with light clothing for walking around during the day and should think about clothes that breathe. The Carlton Hotel South Beach is within easy walking distance to some of the areas greatest attractions, which means guests often walk. This means being outside and comfort requires light clothing that allow you to take advantage of the ocean breeze that glides over the area. This also means comfortable shoes.

Second, formality: South Beach is a relatively laid back area. While staying at the Carlton Hotel South Beach, you don't need to be in a suit, other than a bathing one. Proper attire is appreciated, but for Florida, the definition of proper attire is much more casual than up north. Slacks or nice shorts and a nice shirt is almost considered formal. If you don't have proper attire for Florida, the shopping of Lincoln Road and Washington Street can surely provide for your needs.

Third, nightlife: South Beach is famous for its nightlife. With clubs of every ilk to provide an evening (to morning) entertainment, the well-to-do come well-dressed to party. Again, shopping locally may be your best option. Lincoln Road teems with shops to cater to your every desire in style and fashion. South Beach has been a fashion plate all its own for years. Come and immerse yourself in the luxury.

Fourth, the sand: South Beach is named for the strand of golden sand stretching along the oceanfront. If you want to head out onto South Beach properly from the Carlton Hotel, bathing suits and a simple shirt are a must. That being said, a whole new fashion trend has developed from the bathing suits of the area. Again, there is no better place than South Beach itself to find the latest and greatest of these trends. Of course, being a trend-setter on the sand isn't a requirement, just realize that your stay at the Carlton Hotel South Beach can be, and our staff is available to help you enjoy your stay with us.