Things to Know When Shipping Cars

Whether you want to ship your car across the city, state or even country, you’ll need to know some basic facts. You could have a classic or exotic car. Whatever you want to ship, you should know how to go about it. Here is a rundown on how the process works and what sorts of factors you should keep in mind when doing auto shipping across the country.

The Risk Factor

Your car will be shipped in either a closed or open trailer. You guessed it: open trailers are much cheaper than closed ones. However, this comes at a larger price since open trailers leave your car vulnerable to damage, weather, theft, and debris, among other things. If you transport your car in an open trailer, the carrier will tie it down with chains. On the other hand, a closed trailer will ensure your vehicle suffers little to no damage and will protect against theft.

Read the Review

When you ship a precious vehicle, it’s thousands of your dollars traveling across the country. You should make sure to read all the reviews concerning the transport company you pick. In this case, word of mouth is your best option and go-to. Feel free to ask your friends, family members, local dealers or mechanics about options. You could also search online to find good options in your area. Make sure you choose a company that has respectable and positive reviews and an impeccable safety record.

No Deposit

Any company that asks you for a deposit is a dodgy company for sure. Exclusive and respectable companies with stellar reputations will never ask you to deposit anything before the move is made. Good companies always ask for payment once your vehicle has been dropped off to where you wanted it. This ensures that you will get your money’s worth and can easily check for damages when you receive the vehicle. Don’t fall for the deposit trick: it’s a money-making hack!


Think Cost and Benefits

Think of the old saying, “quality over quantity.” This is super relevant when it comes to car shipping because so many people make the mistake of picking the cheapest option with the best one. The cheapest company may not always be the best one and you should never base your decision on price alone. This is because a cheap company might transport your vehicle, but they will do at an added cost of scruff marks and/or damage. Ironically, the higher the transportation rates, the more reliable the company. Car shipping companies usually reflect the quality of their services through their premium pricing. Make sure you don’t pick a sub-par company over a few dollars.

Insure Yourself

It’s always good to have a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate covers liability, workers, cargo and other amounts. If your company doesn’t offer this kind of insurance, you should look for one that does. You’ll need it!

Overall, be wary of any company that offers you super low rates or makes promises that sound too good to be true. They probably are and you should avoid being scammed by doing your research first!

Vape Shops in South Beach

If you are vising South Beach looking for some vape shops, here is a list of some notable locations to visit.  This article will showcase the locations, pros and cons, and any special points to keep in mind.

VaporFi – 1430 Washington Ave. – 305-397-8318

This modern chic store offers a huge variety of accessories, brands, and devices.  They also specialize in vape mods and custom juices.  Their setup is complete with a tasting bar, several seating areas, and on site experts to help with all of your vaping needs.  This store is a brick and mortar front to the rapidly growing VaporFi brand.  Make sure you check out their loyalty programs and website for home delivery when you get back from your vacation.

The Joint Smoke Shop – 710 Washington Ave #12 – 586-339-4490

The Joint Smoke shop has a great location in a small strip mall that provides something for everyone’s smoking needs.  They offer a huge selection of vaping equipment and juices as well as other head shop type merchandise.  Between reasonable prices and some of the best customer service on the beach, this shop has some of the highest ratings out of any on this list.  This shop loves their customers and knows how to have fun, it is worth a stop by.  This shop is mostly a brick and mortar store, although they do have a Facebook page.

Aladdin Smoke Shop – 857 Washington Ave – 305-672-8843

Aladdin is one of the family owned head shops in the area.  They specialize in a variety of vape juices and vaporizers as well as hookahs and cigars.  This shop carries several brands and flavors, with one of the largest varieties offered in the area.  They also routinely have discounts and sales going on.  They also share a premium location near Lummus Park and easy to access on foot.   This shop does have the lowest rating of the three on this strip, if Yelp influences your business.

Smoker’s Cove – 1631 Washington Ave – 305-534-7022

Traveling further north, Smoker’s Cove boasts the highest rating of any other store on this list.  They also have a very modern layout and feel to their store and offer a wide selection.  They also specialize in CBD oils and products to add to their product lines.   Most of the time, you can get a flat 10% off on your purchase if you catch their great deals.  They also tout some remarkable customer service and competitive prices.

Vape & Smoke Shop – South Beach – 1528 Alton Rd – 786-577-0131

The Vape & Smoke Shop in South Beach is the only location showcased not on Washington Ave.  They are also another franchise store like VaporFi.  This gives them a huge selection of products and product lines for your smoking and vaping needs.  They boast several positive rating to match their selection.  Their unique location gives them an edge over competition for that local area.  While not within walking distance of the beach, they do have a strong centralized spot.

Buy Houses Tyler

We Buy Houses Tyler

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You will love working with our “we buy houses Tyler” team at Tyler House Buyers. When you want to sell a home, it can be a ton of work that you may not have to even do with the right help. Interested? Then here’s more on this type of service!

Brant Phillips has been buying homes for cash for over ten years. We can go through the process quickly, and we will guide you every step of the way. Instead of you having to spend all of your time trying to sell a house and answer questions that buyers may have, you can just let us take over. We can typically close from three to five days so that you don’t have to worry about how long this is going to take or whether you are even going to sell the house to someone or not.

You are not going to have to worry about repairing your home if that is something that needs to be done. We will buy the home no matter what condition it is in so it can be a fixer upper and that would be just fine with us. If you want to make sure that we are going to give you the most for your home, then you want to make sure that everything is in working order. But, if you don’t want to spend the money or time on fixing it up that is fine with us.

When you work with our service, you don’t have to worry about commissions or fees. When you think about how you have to spend a bunch of time and effort working with the seller, it can be hard to want even to sell a home. We want to take all of the work out of selling your home so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of people and to spend a lot of time on selling. We know that your time is worth money and that is why we would want to pay cash for your home quickly.

When you can work with our we buy houses Tyler service; you will understand why it’s so easy for you to work with a service like this. You will see that it takes a lot less time and that all you have to do is let us take the reins.

Welcome to Your South Beach Concierge

We’re a boutique hospitality firm specializing in Miami Beach, Florida.  We offer services to help you find places to dine, entertain, as well as help serve your real estate needs. Whether you are coming for a short visit and need a rental, or coming to move here permanently, no job is too big or too small.

Miami, Florida

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