Our Latest Concierge Partnership : Summit Van Lines

Proud to announce a new partnership with our South Beach Concierge service!

Summit Van Lines is a renowned moving company with locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

We welcome this new partnership!  And with this, we provide you the following value-added tips!

6 Tips to Help  You With Your Relocation

Moving isn’t as simple as some people think. Contrary to popular belief, moving to a new place doesn’t only include packing stuff up and bringing it to the new place. There’s a lot more involved like registering with new local companies, updating your critical details and registering your vehicles with the new authorities of the area. If you are moving for the first time, this guide will help you get a good understand about the basics.

Think before you buy the boxes

Before buying the boxes, you need to determine the size and depth of the things you own. Don’t just go out there and buy large boxes and start packing. Remember, heavy stuff can be better packed in small boxes where the space is less but the box is tighter. Similarly, fragile stuff can be packed in large boxes with bubble wrap. Before you buy the boxes, understand how many you’ll need and the sizes you require.

Carefully pack the stuff

Don’t be hasty when it comes to packing. Pack your stuff very carefully. Add the heavy stuff at the bottom of the boxes and the light stuff on the top. Whatever you do, make sure that your boxes do not have too much space left inside otherwise while moving the goods, your goods will be propelled inside the boxes if there is too much space left in it. Label them properly too so you know where the boxes are going.

Tightly seal your boxes

The boxes need to be tightly sealed otherwise they can easily open up in the whole process. Use plenty of tape and don’t be hesitant in getting more tape if needed. You can always use a cutter later to cut the tape but when you are packing, make sure the boxes are very tightly packed.

Get professional help for large and fragile stuff

If you have a lot of large goods or fragile stuff in the house, it is always a really good idea to hire professional help. For large stuff, you are going to need a truck to get them across to your new home. For fragile stuff, it is also a good idea to hire professional help because they carefully pack and load your stuff on the truck so it doesn’t break off too easily. They also unload all the goods carefully at the new place.

Cook ahead

Have your meals prepared and packed the night before you have to move. During the entire day, you will need to replenish your energy. If you don’t have stuff ready, you will be forced to eat outside which may cost you extra money and time. So pack some snacks and have plenty of stuff to drink during the whole day.

Dump and sell

Last but not the least is to take care of things you don’t need. When moving, you will come across a lot of things that you may not require. Sell them off or dump them using a dumper.

For more information on your move within or out of South Florida, please contact:

Summit Van Lines
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