Sports in Miami

Miami is the most preferred designation for tourists who come and visit Miami on a regular basis. Also for the reason that Miami is not all about beaches and food, there is so much more to it. From crazy party carnivals to sports.

The types of Sport activities observed in Miami are:

  1. Yoga in Miami: Miami is full of surprises and it might be equally surprising for you to know that yoga is pretty popular activity in Miami. They also host yoga workshops and trainings in Miami. The most popular Yoga spots in Miami are Yogizza in Miami Beach, SUP yoga in Biscayne, Dharma coconut Studio, Trio yoga located in Wynwoods, etc.
  2. Marathons: all year around, training and fitness events are happening in Miami, because it has a season suitable for outdoor athletics. The whole city rallies behind the runners who continue to inspire more and more to join their ranks during a marathon. During marathons, you will notice the entire city filled with cars with stickers and charts and bumper stickers exhibiting their participation.
  3. Open water swimming: There is an open water swimming competition once every year.
  4. Miami Golf: Miami & the Beaches is home to one of four World Golf Championship events. All year around there are training courses offered for Golf enthusiasts.
  5. Kayaking and Canoeing: Biscayne in Miami offers the tourist a beautiful experience of Kayaking and Canoeing in its amazing blue waters. You can paddle alone or join a group guided by a naturalist. Some Places in Miami also offers Snorkeling experience.
  6. Sail fishing in Miami: Florida is often heard being called the ‘Sport fishing capital of the world’. This is true because Florida is a home to one of the most abundant saltwater fisheries in the country.